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The grass cutting is up for renewal 31st March 2018

Grounds Maintenance Contract 2018-2020
The Parish Council is seeking quotes grass cutting and general maintenance around the village. The details are as follows:

Robin Lane: Cutting verge at the top of Robin Lane where it meets Chorley Road, at 14 day (maximum) intervals from 1st April to 31st October.
Malt Kiln Lane: Cutting verge / island at the top of Malt Kiln Lane where it meets Chorley Road at 14 day (maximum) intervals from 1st April to 31st October.
Hilldale playing field: Cutting the 4.5 Acre field at 14 day (maximum) intervals from 1st April to 31st October.
Path from Grimshaw Green Lane: Brook to be checked and cleared of any weed or debris monthly Path to be cleared of weed and bramble monthly.
Hedges: (a) The hedge that runs alongside field from Chorley Road to Grimshaw Green entrance to be in July and November. (b) The hedge in front of car park and village hall to be cut in July and November.
Grassed areas surrounding village hall, around stone name plaque, area on both sides of memorial bench area to be kept weed free to be cut/weeded
Car park: Clear Car park of leaves and debris before leaving site following work.
Hilldale Parish sign at Andertons Mill and Bus stop sign: Both areas to be strimmed and sprayed twice per annum
Please contact Angela Nicholls on 01704 821703 or email clerk@hilldaleparishcouncil.com for more details (It is important you see the full specification before quoting for the contract)

Please send quotes to
Clerk, Angela Nicholls, 5 Tarnbeck Drive, Mawdesley. L40 2RU
Closing date 23rd February 2018. A decision will me made at the Parish Council meeting 1st March 2018